We Share a Common Thread is more than just a tagline.

It is more than just our Foundation.

It is the core of all that we do.

We Share A Common Thread Foundation logo

Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union established our foundation in 2011 to make a difference in the lives of our members and the public at large. The Foundation helps support people in our community by providing assistance with food, shelter, clothing, health, and education.

Our employees spend countless hours assisting those in the community who are less fortunate.

“We help people, not just because it is our mission, but more importantly because they are our neighbors and friends. And everyone knows that neighbors and friends are the common thread that bind us all together.” – Mark Cochran, President and Chief Executive Officer

Foundation Liaison


Foundation Board Members

  • Mark Cochran
    President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Susan Hannigan
  • Michelle Silveira
  • Anne-Marie Sousa
  • Michael Dubuque